Welcome to Windsor Middle School!

I count myself very fortunate to be the principal in a flourishing community that extends beyond our school grounds. Having just one school district in the town of Windsor is a true advantage for our students. All of them follow a pathway together, and there is a real sense that what we do serves the greater good of our town. Everyone is working together on a shared mission, and this collaboration benefits every Windsor student.

Our teaching staff at Windsor Middle School is made up of talented educators committed to middle school education. Many of them spend their entire careers here. Our academic support staff work with your student to promote growth, help find solutions to any challenges that arise, and create an open line of communication with parents.

As a STEAM school, we have created a sequence of learning so all students are exposed to rigorous project based coursework in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

As they learn more about themselves and begin to make academic choices, our seven-period day allows students more autonomy to explore their interests. Students can choose two electives from a range of programs, including Spanish, Engineering, Choir, Orchestra, Band and Studio Art, as well as California Department of Education Career Technical Education partnerships in Culinary Arts and Theater Production. Our graduates leave ready to take on the plethora of opportunities that await them at Windsor High School.

We have implemented a positive discipline structure so all students know what is expected of them, are empowered to be reflective, and can thrive academically and socially in a safe and supportive environment.

About me:

My formative years were spent in Southern California. I am a Marine Corps Veteran, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Chapman University. For fifteen years, I worked as an elementary and middle school in California, and have extensive experience with STEAM programs.

I am here to support your child as they transition into a phase of their academic life where they will be gaining more independence, and taking on additional responsibility. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns. I look forward to working together with your family to ensure your student has an exceptional middle school experience.


Brian Williams

Principal, Windsor Middle School